Thursday, May 08, 2003

Chess Websites for May: - Chess Newpaper Resources

Washington Post Chess Column
NY Times Chess Column by Robert Byrne
Australian Chess News
Pakistan Chess Player
Chess Today
Los Angeles Times Chess Column
The Times of London Chess Column

Chess Websites for April: - Chess Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet Newsgroups are not part of the World Wide Web but another part of the internet. Newsgroups are like bulletin boards where people post messages and information on an ongoing basis. As with the rest of the internet there is a huge amount of information regarding chess (or just about any other subjet) that is available mostly for free. There is also an immense archive maintained by of past postings at Google Groups Archives. has much more information regarding newsgroups. As an example, there is not much about the London System on the World Wide Web but there are numerous postings in the archives and the Usenet about this and other openings.

Some warnings: there are some irresponsible people in the newsgroups that post inappropriate links or material on the Usenet so parental supervision is strongly advised. Be careful of posting your own messages under your regular email address since spammers comb the Usenet for fresh targets, instead use a free email address from or and while free speech is the rule on the internet, if you post something someone doesn't like they may flood your email inbox with junk emails. Lastly, beware of what you download or the links to other sites as sometimes they are not what they claim to be. If you have any questions please email me at

Google Groups Archives.

You should be able to connect to these following links directly with your sevice provider's (i.e. AOL) software but if not then go to Google Groups.

Site that contains PGNtoJS Utilitiy for making Autoplay games.
Montreux Java chess viewer.
Chess Captor Diagram Maker - very popular.
AlphaPrime's ChessMaker Diagram for web pages Utility.
FullChess Html & BMP Diagram Maker - Freeware.
LT PGNviewer Java Freeware.
Internet Chess Club Chess Viewer Easy to use and link to.
Misty Beach PGN to html viewer- jave based but easy to use.
Chess Freeware Chess Fonts.

February a online chess radio station that has great shows and graphics.
Chess Word Search Puzzle - Not as easy as it looks (took me 8 minutes).
Chess Crosswords Puzzles with puzzles about chess words, players ...etc.
FIDE News Website
The Chess Oracle - A site with many chess news links.
Chess Valentines! A photo album of female chess players from the The Chess Haven site - but don't bother with the flowers, these women will have your game pushing up daisies!

Friday, March 07, 2003